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Don’t Second Guess your Purchase

In Consumer on May 7, 2010 at 08:50

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Last week my wife and I registered to participate in the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk. There had been some talk at work about whether our company would participate and thus enter the event for us. But it was just talk and we decided to register in our own capacity anyway.

Well yesterday, a colleague called me and said that our company had agreed to pay the entrance fee for the employees and their partners.
Now I could have been disappointed that I was too hasty in going ahead and registering. But I was not. And this is why:

1)      Firstly I was not too hasty, I took a week to make this decision,
2)      In life you cannot keep second guessing yourself,
3)      You can’t keep on waiting for something better to come along,
4)      Buying things and paying for services is an experience and,
5)      If you don’t make a decision because you worry that it might be a bad decision, then that in itself is a decision.

On the same note, about 2 months ago we bought an external hard drive. We bought it from Game and got it at a very good price (R999.00). Then just over a month later the same hard drive was being sold in the same store for R200 less. And no I was not disappointed at all. Because technology always gets cheaper over time, but if I kept on waiting for it to get cheaper then I would never ever buy anything.

So here is my advice. Do your research, shop around even, but when you decide to purchase something whether it be an item or a service; never ever second guess your purchase.

If you second guess your purchase, then you second guess yourself. And if you don’t trust yourself, why should others trust you.

Whoa, who would have thought that buying had such huge implications!

  1. I don’t think its about second guessing yourself. I think its more a case of waiting for the best.

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