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Achievements vs Moments

In experiences, life on June 25, 2010 at 10:25

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Life is defined by moments and not by achievements. Moments make up the achievements and on our way to the achievements in life, we have moments that are either heroic or cowardly, proud or shameful, rewarding or wasteful.

So on your way to those achievements in
life, make sure that the moments that make up the achievements are the good kind. Because you may define yourself by your achievements but others will define you by your moments.


News Source Poll

In News, Technology on April 20, 2010 at 12:27

Old Media is Dead, long live New Media

In life, RSS Feeds, Technology, Twitter on April 20, 2010 at 07:20

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Last night I sat down to watch the news on TV at 19:00, because I was really interested to see if the SAMWU strike was over, and guess what. I already knew all the news they were telling. And I knew it already because of the internet.

Now I know this may not be very noteworthy for most people. Because with the internet we are able see and read the news ourselves at any time of the day or night. No longer do we need to wait for 19:00 in the evening to watch the news on TV. No longer do we need to tune into out favorite radio station every 30 or so minutes to hear the news. Nope, we just have open up a web browser and visit a news website site and there we have the latest and most up to date news available to us.
Now I have had access to the internet for years, but only yesterday did I realize that I no longer need to watch the news at 19:00 to see what’s going on around me. Why is this?

Well two things actually made this possible:
1)      Twitter, and
2)      RSS Feeds

1)      With Twitter I follow people with like interests to me, and they often post links to new articles about topics that I am interested in. This allows me to read the news as it happens and often in one day there are updates to that one story. So I am able to follow that story’s progress and engage in twitter conversations around that topic. This then give me more than the news but allows me to grow as a person as I engage with other folks about what’s happening around us.

2)      With RSS Feeds I am able to see new posts to websites and blogs and so am always aware of new things that are happening. It saves me from having to always go to a particular site to see if they have anything new posted.News OnlineAnd these two tools I have only started using for 1 week now. In that week I have posted 100 tweets, started following 112 people and have 47 followers. I love information and we are living in the information age guys. So if you have not yet caught on to the information age, best you catch a wake up and get on board lest you get left behind.

You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on my follow me link to the right.

What do you think, do we still need old media or has new media taken over?

Quotations and one-liners

In experiences, tips on March 30, 2010 at 09:16

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With the proliferation of status updates, it seems everyone these days is taking the words of famous and not so famous people and using them in their status updates. 

This made me think of when was the last time I had, or came across an original quotation or one-liner. Come on people, surely we can take from our own experiences and come up with a one-liner that succulently encapsulates the experience or what was learnt. 

A few weeks ago Carmen, my sister, reminded me of something I said when we were youngsters playing some cricket in the park. You see there was this girl and she was a bit nervous while batting, and to encourage her I said “just hit the ball to the balls destination.” Now at first glance that might sound like a whole lot of hog wash, and I have to admit I probably did not fully realize how spot on I was with that comment. You see if you analyze it, I was simply telling her to hit the ball and the rest would take care of itself, because once the bat has connected with the ball it would be out of her hands. 

And that’s how we as humans often are. We over analyze things, when sometimes we just need to hit the ball and see what the outcome is. Because once you are there at the crease, it’s too late to start wondering how to hit the ball. All of that skill should have been developed off the playing field during practice and coaching sessions. 

So in life we need to practice and prepare for things. But once you are in the game, then you just need to get on with it, and all of those practice sessions will bear their fruit. 

If you have any original or personal one-liners, or childhood experiences that could be used in life now, please leave them here and let’s share them with the world.